Thank you for your interest in becoming an ArbitrOption client. ArbitrOption manages assets for clients in a pooled LLC Series as well as in separately managed accounts.

Please contact ArbitrOption Capital Management directly to request subscription documents and discuss the management solution that is best suited to your assets.

Click here for an overview of the subscription process.

Separately Managed Account Characteristics

  • Higher minimum initial investment ($500,000)

  • Taxes reported on Form 1099 (many pages, can be time-intensive to report individual transactions if needed)

  • Investor receives monthly statements directly from brokerage

  • Shorter redemption notice period (2 days)

  • Expenses limited to fees, trading commissions, and any brokerage costs

Pooled LLC Series Characteristics

  • Lower minimum initial investment ($100,000)

  • Taxes reported on Form K-1

  • Third party service providers (administrator and auditor) provide independently verified valuation

  • Longer redemption notice period (10 business days)

  • Higher operating expenses (for administrator and auditor)